For the success & achievement of market economy & support of the necessary oil & fuel that need in country, technical coordination & cooperation have to be undertaken with local & foreign experts, professionals and technicians according to the following based on the economic principles of the Republic of Union of Myanmar.

(i) To assist the locally used oil & fuel prices to be steady & distribute the necessary oil & fuel on the other way.

(ii) As an energy ministry’s contractor, to implement the oil exploration & production in the designated area to fulfill the nation’s energy requirement by means of a certain way.

(iii) It we get the permit for the business of energy ministry as a contractor, our company would invest & explore with 100% own investment according to the rules & regulations of the ministry of energy. We will offer 60% of oil to the ministry of energy and the remaining 40% will be taken by our company.

Future Engineering & Gold Mining Co., Ltd. which has been registered at department of companies’ registration, ministry of national planning & economic development, was initially formed with six directors, eight engineers & seven geologists. Oil exploration businesses undertaken are: –

In Magway Region,

♦ Oil blocks in Minbu area
♦ Oil blocks in Pakokku area

In Sagaing Region,

♦ Oil blocks in Kyaunchaung area
♦ Oil blocks in Kalay area

We are striving with our physical & mental powers in coordination & cooperation with domestic & foreign organizations for the support of local oil & fuel requirement to build modern & developed nation as market economy implementation based on the economic policies under the guidance at the superiors of the country of Myanmar.

Oil & Gas

Natural resources such as oil and natural gas are rich to explore not only inland but also offshore in Myanmar. Hence the several well known and world class listed companies are investing in exploring and drilling both inland and offshore. The plots appeared are actuating with government approval and which are officially printed in Union of Myanmar Block Map.

Oil & Gas Photos