Project History
  • National Prosperity Company (NPGPG) has got (6000) acres which was included in the areas that Ivanhoe company conducted retain survey. NPC has got permission to explore and extract gold for (25) years by paying 5.5 tons / 5 years.
  • At the moment FEG and NPGPG have made agreement for gold production at Narbu Taung area which has 600 acres.

Project Scope

  • Gold mining, exploration, ore production, drilling, crushing & refining business at Narbu Taung Mining Plot (Acres 600 ) being under the large scale area of gold mining project owned by National Prosperity Gold Production Group Company Limited, located at Modi Momi,Yamaethin Township, Mandalay Region.

About 600 acres at Narbu Taung mining plot in Modi Momi, Yamaethin Township, Mandalay Region

Mine Site Location