Myanmar is geologically located in a suture zone which is surrounded by the Indian Plate on the west, the Indochina Plate on the east, and the Eurosia Plate on the north. It is conveniently divisable into four geographic belts each of which by its own right is a geotectonic belt possessing a separate stratigraphic succession and a deformational history. They are from east to west: –

  1. The Eastern Highlands which includes the northern and eastern mountainous tract of the Kachin State in the north, The Shan Plateau in the middle, and the Tenasserim ranges in the south.
  2. The Central Lowlands or the Central Cenozoic Belt which is composed of the Irrawaddy, the Chindwin, the Mittha-Kabaw and the Sittaung valleys and the intervening ridges, such as the Pondaung-Ponnyar ranges on the west and the Pegu Yoma on the east.
  3. The Western Ranges or the Indoburman Ranges which comprises the entire mountainous tract of the western part of Myanmar.
  4. The Arakan Coastal Plain which includes coastal lowlands between the Western Ranges and the Bay of Bengal.