Management & Directors

Mr. Khin Mg Han
Khin Mg Han has over thirty years experience in the resource industry. He has been involved in the formation and management of a number of publicly listed companies. He is currently a chairman of Future Engineering Group & chairman of nine Local Companies. He is also a major shareholder in the Company.

Chairman Profile

I, Khin Maung Han, am a Myanmar Buddhist. I was born on 5th December 1954 in Yangon, Myanmar. At the time being, I am working as a chairman of Future Engineering Group. My job experience were oversea contractor (Engineering Firm), General Manager Installation (Com Dept), Yadanar Project (Kanbouk), Total Myanmar (TMEP), General Manager (Administration & logistic) of East Asia Gold & Copper Corporation (Canada), Deputy General Manager (Project Management) (Wattee Gold Mining Project) of MEAGCO (Myanmar Government & Canada Joint Venture), South East Asia & Pacific Regional General Manager of Future Engineering Pte,Ltd (Singapore), Chairman of Nine Local Companies, Executive of Myanmar Aurum Entrepreneurs Group of Companies & Secretary of Gold and Mineral Club of Sagaing Region.

Office addresses to contact are:

  1. No. 531, Room 805, Ye Ta Khon Tower, Lower Kyi Myin Daing Road, Kyi Myin Daint Township, Yangon, Myanmar. Tel: +951 908011, 508017, Fax: +951 508012
  2. No. 187, 32nd Street, Between 79th & 80th Street, Chan Aye Thar Zan Township, Mandalay, Myanmar. Te: +952 32177, +959 5119220
Mr. Win Aung Vice Chairman
Mobile : +95 9 858 1344
Mrs. Khin Than Swe Finance Director
Mobile : +95 9 519 0677
Mr. Khin Mg Aye
Managing Director (Admin)
Mobile : +95 9 517 9476
Mr. Tin Aung Oo
Managing Director (Operation)
Mobile : +95 9 201 9435

Our Five Focuses

  • Team Organization
  • Technology Knowhow
  • Planning
  • Investment
  • Mass Production

Investment Policy of Our Group

1. Objective

Our Group of companies will make investments and implementation mainly in mineral exploration, mining, construction, trading, administration & logistics services.

2. Strategy

(a) We organize & cooperate our companies in Myanmar to achieve our projects & businesses in accordance with our objective.
(b) In the near future, we would change our group as public company, and implement our businesses.
(c) We would invite local & foreign investments and make the projects and businesses successful in accordance with our policy.

3. Eligible Investment Areas

(a) Gold and other minerals exploration and production
(b) Construction
(c) Trading
(d) Capital contribution
(e) Logistics & Services

4. Forms of Capital Contribution

Forms of capital contribution that can be made as investment are as follow:

4.1 Investment in Mineral Sector

(a). We could only give the information to foreign investors. Detailed technical data shall be got by cooperating, and we could set up joint venture and do the mining business together on the basis of the detailed technical data obtained.

(b) Foreign investors could establish joint venture with us by making payment for the information & detailed technical data which we have contributed.

(c) Foreign investors could establish joint venture with us by investing in the form of capital contribution to a part of our functioning mine business that has been priced at a certain value.

4.2 Investment in Other Business

(a) Investors could invest by buying shares of our company that has been sold at a set price.

(b) If investors would like to invest in our functioning project as a whole, they can invest by buying the share sets and they can be entitled to get the profits from the project as follows:

(aa) Sharing the profit from net profit,

(bb) Sharing the profit as fixed profit range (Negotiation Percentage)

If investors would like to do other projects owned by our company as joint project, they can invest by contributing capital investment after forming as investment company in accordance with Myanmar foreign investment law.

5. For the achievement and success of purposes of our investment group investors are warmly invited to make investments such as capital contribution, advanced technology and modernized machines, and could make detailed discussions if they are interested in our businesses.
After making detailed discussions, if investors would like to cooperate with us,

(a) As first step, investors must sign memorandum of understanding (MOU)with our investment group for the mutual benefits.

(b) As second step, investors should sign agreement letter with our investment group for the concerning investments.

6. Tax Incentives in Myanmar under the Foreign Investment Law (For Foreign Investor Only)

Exemption from income tax for 3 consecutive years beginning with the year in which the operation commences and further tax exemption or relief for an appropriate period in case if it’s considered beneficial for the State.

The Commission may also grant-

  • Exemption or relief from income tax on profit which is reinvested with one year.
  • Right to pay income tax on behalf of the foreign employees and to deduct the same from the assessable income of the enterprise.
  • Right to pay income tax of the foreign employees at the rate applicable to citizens of Myanmar.
  • Right to deduct the research and development expenditure.
  • Right to accelerate depreciation
  • Right to carry forward and set off losses up to 3 consecutive years, from the year the loss is sustained.
  • Exemption or relief from customs duty and other taxes on:-

(a) Imported machinery and equipment for use during the construction period.
(b) Imported raw materials for the first 3 years commercial production following the completion of construction.


7. Right to Transfer Foreign Currency

  • A person who has brought in foreign capital can transfer the following:-
  • Foreign currency entitlement of him.
  • Brought inkind capital acceptable with current price.
  • Net profit after deducting all taxes and provisions.
  • Foreign currency permitted for withdrawal by the Commission which may include the value of assets on the winding up of business.
  • A foreign employee can transfer his salary and lawful income after deducting taxes and other living expenses incurred domestically.